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First Tracks Lawn Care, LLC prides itself on perfection and follow through to the customer. We strive for a consistent schedule and take pride in our punctuality. What do you want out of your landscape? Exceptional quality is what we will bring.

Snow management: If you are out of town for an extended amount of the time please don’t hesitate to contact us. Driveway plowing, deck snowblowing and shoveling. Salting and sanding is also available.

Spring Clean Up: The total multi step package will make your property look fresh. First, the property is mowed shorter than normal to get close to the thatch layer. A power dethatcher is run in both North-South and East-West directions bringing the thatch layer to the surface. This layer of dead thatch is what restricts your lawn from receiving the nutrients it needs. The entire property is hand raked and thatch removed. A power aerator is run over the lawn removing tiny plugs from the soil. This allows oxygen, fertilizer and water to the root system. This process is what will bring your property alive.

Weekly Mowing: Weekly service the same day and the same time each week. Of course here in the rocky mountains we can have some delays due to weather, but the emphasis is on being consistent. Mowing, trimming and blowing of debris on a schedule.

Brush Removal: If you have an area of brush that needs to be removed look no further. It will be removed which will bring more open area and a breathe of fresh air to surrounding vegetation.

Dethatching: A powerful machine that turns old thatch from the soil level to the surface of your lawn allowing it to breathe. This should be done every year for maximum health of the property.

Aeration: Powerful tines dig into the soil and pull out plugs of soil up to 2″ deep and bring them to the surface. These tiny plugs dry out and break down back into the soil. The holes left create an airway of oxygenation, water intake and fertilizing fulfillment.

Tree Limbing: Branches must be maintained especially if they’re hanging low or over a fence line. Clean them up and keep your property looking crisp.

Mulching beds: A fresh coat of mulch goes a long way every year. Out with the old and in with the new. Dig out the weeds, install new weed block fabric and create a fresh looking bed.

Fall Clean Up: As the leaves fall to the ground in preparation for Winter there is no better time to rid your lawn of debris. Mowing the leaves with an attached bagger and raking all debris to prepare your property for Spring.

Irrigation startup/blowout and maintenance: Spring start up consists of activating irrigation system, adjusting controller as needed and running all zones. Parts replaced as needed. Maintenance is usually done depending on current weather trends and needs of landscape. Blowouts/shut downs are scheduled usually the last week of September. Irrigation main is shutdown and drained. A large tow behind compressor is used to blow air into underground irrigation lines to remove them of water for winter.

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